Recommendation on crack admin access on routers

I have a new customer whom is having difficulties getting the administration accesses / passwords from thei previous support company. After heated argumenst, they got their Windows Server Administrator access from them but not their router. Does any know how to crack the admin password access to Linksys routers?

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At this point, you're only option is to press the master reset button on the back of the unit for at least 30 seconds. All setings will be reset to the default. Its possible they never even set one, try: User name: [keep it blank] Password: admin All that info is in the manual.

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If you have physical access and a reasonable idea of the network setup, why bother? Just nuke it back to factory settings and start over. Nearly all routers support doing this, usually through some combination of holding a button down during powerup or similar action.

If you're "consulting" to a customer then this should be something you know already. Likewise on how to get back into a Windows server. With physical access all manner of choices exist. With experience, however, the customers benefit from not paying as newbies learn how to do their job.

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Bill Kearney

if you have physical access to it, a simple hardware/config reset will be enough. If not, then it get a bit more difficult.

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