my first wireless LAN and I already need help


I am trying to istall my first wireless connection but I am having problems and can't find a solution since yesterday.....

I'd be very happy if someone could help me....

This is what I am doing since yesterday.....just following the instructions....

  1. plugged the ethernet cable nr. 1 into the BUffalo WHR HP G54 WAN port
  2. plugged the other end of the eth. cable nr. 1 into the ADSL modem
  3. plugged eth. cable nr. 2 into LAN port on BUffalo WHR HP G54 and into my PC network adapter
  4. I follow the on screen wizard but I get stuck where it checks for internet connection... There is none and I don't know why....

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot..... :mad::p

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Amazon's review:

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seems to think it has a modem built-in, while this one:
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doesn't. Confusing! Is it the same device?

The trick is to get onto the html configuration pages. As it's a router, it'll presumably want to give your PC an IP address, so make sure the PC is set to obtain one automatically. Then run ipconfig in a command prompt - the router's address will be that of the "Default Gateway". Then add http:// to the start of that address and in theory you'll be looking at a welcome page.

Phil, London

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Philip Herlihy


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What did you connect to the second socket on the ADSL modem?

What has the telco arranged to be present there?

Do you agree that the sensation of being way out of your depth means that some research is in your future?

Seriously: it does help to understand some of what you're doing, and then communicate situation. But that takes work & attention-span.

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You arrogant bastard! His post constitutes research. Either help the guy or butt out.

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