point-to-point wireless pc connection without access point

Hello, I've a customer needs to connect 2 pc via wireless without using an Access Point (same as ethernet cross cable).

Is there any devices able to do this ? The installation will be in Italy: devices must be available at italian market and frequencies must to responds to italian laws.

May anyone helps me ?

Thanks in advanced best regards Davide

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You'll need to set up an ad-hoc network between the 2 machines. All (OK, don't quote me on this) wifi adapters have this sort of functionallity. In this mode (as opposed to infrastructure mode) the 2 wifi cards communicate with each other directly - no access point.

Hope this Helps

Peter Phillips Software Director Kinetiq Networks (UK)

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Peter Phillips

All client devices I know of allow this, and it is called Ad Hoc mode

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Coenraad Loubser

You just have to think up an SSID and make sure you put the same on both cards (it's like a network identifier) Also, make sure WEP encryption is disabled on both, until you get connectivity

Also, put in manual IP addresses for the internet pc for the other one

When on you can "ping", you know your hardware is working and within range, etc... now you can play with dhcp, blah balhaba wep etc.

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Coenraad Loubser

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