Using dlink di524 router; how do i set up its firewall?

Every time I enable the router's built in firewall, I cannot connect to my wireless network. Any suggestions or thoughts? Is there somewhere that I can get specifics on setting up my router's built in firewall?

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Go Tyler
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I don't know what your problem is here but enabling the router's FW if that's what you're doing should not be doing this. You need to contact the router's tech support for the basic setup of the device. And I'll have to say that I have never heard of enabling the FW on a router prevented a machine wired or wireless from conneting to it.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

"Firewall Rules can be used to allow or deny traffic from passing through the DI-524"

Isn't your firewall enabled as 'default'? Denying access FROM the internet to your LAN, but allowing access from your LAN to the internet.

Are you ADDING more firewall rules?

later, dave One out of many daves with a 524 also

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