Unable to save wireless network settings

Hi all,
Be grateful if somone could help me with the following problem.
I'm trying to set up a PC with a wireless network internet connection,
installed the drivers for the USB adaptor fine, went into the Wireless
Networks tab to set the properties of network (WPA-PSK, Access Point, etc),
clicked ok to save the changes and up pops a message that at least one of
the changes has not been saved.
Tried a few different things but still cannot get the settings to save.
Not the most experienced in all this, but I have a laptop that works fine
with the same USB adaptor and OS (XP SP2), so cannot understand why I'm
having this trouble.
Its also my 16 year old daughter's PC so I'm getting grief lef right and
centre !
Thanks in anticipation.
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Paul Baynton
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When you install drivers most of the time the actual wireless card will have its own util to setup the wireless connection, and you may be trying to use the windows setup util ?
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I did wonder wether the actual driver settings took precedence over the Windows settings, but I'm finding that the 2 have to match else the connection to the network is lost. This I've found out on my laptop which is configured the same as the desktop Pc that I have the problem with.
I need to set the Wireless USB adaptor to WPA-PSK with TKIP, using the 'Access point (infrastructure) networks only' option under the Advanced settings. It won't let me save anything here at all. The actual adaptor is set to these settings no problem in its own utility set up.
Thanks once again.
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Paul Baynton

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