Fan makes wireless cutout

I have a strange problem where turning my room ceiling fan on causes my laptop's wireless connection to cut out.

Any ideas as to why this happens and how I could prevent it?

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Does the wireless die continuously or momentarily when the fan is running? Is there more than one wireless client available? Do they all die? What make and model of wireless device is failing?

Some possible causes:

  1. Reflections from the metal blades in the fan.
  2. Conducted power line noise from the fan.
  3. Reduction in AC power line voltage.
  4. RF interference from the wireless remote control.
  5. RF interference from the motor speed control.
  6. Wavguide effects through the fan ducting is getting blocked by the fan rotation. If your RF path goes through the fan duct, this is highly likely.
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Jeff Liebermann

Does it have a remote, or at least remote capability?

My neighbors (at least two of them) have wireless (radio) remote ceiling fans. They both have problems with them turning on/off apparently randomly. I haven't been able to determine what frequencies their remotes use, but I'm wondering if they're interfering in the wifi frequencies?

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