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Redoing the settings on a dlink di-714p+ and wondering if it seems correct or if I've missed any holes.

DI-714P+ Home Network Setup w xp and 98, some airplus some not: dsl always on -enabled 4x mode

-new password

-new ssid, not broadcast


-wep:128 (have a win 98 w. a non wpa supported card on network)

-shared key

-Current Firmware Version: V1.33 Firmware Date: Thu, Jun 17 2004

-syslog enabled

-long preamble

-Blocking WAN Ping -Discard PING from WAN side

-spi mode enabled

-UPnP enabled

-VPN pptp disabled, ipsec disabled

-enabled mac filters to allow only

Not sure about spi, UPnp, or VPN. Also is there any advantage to change DHCP server to static settings, or to change lan address settings? Thanks for any comments.


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F. Plant
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Don't believe that not broadcasting the SSID is a "security measure", all it does is makes it harder for other people to see that you're sitting on a channel and thus in the long run, someone else could fire up their radio on the same channel and you get interference. Even more fun when all the neighbours do this and you all don't broadcast the SSID. It doesn't mean it's not discoverable with the trivial use of other software so it's a bit pointless.

Point of view on this one, on one hand it's a neat feature for your LAN clients if you are running software that is UPnP which can request ports on the router, on the other hand, it could be a potential hole.

There is no security advantage in using static IP addresses in this context.


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David Taylor

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