DI-524 wireless settings

Question about the wireless security settings. I use WEP, but on the
status tab -- wireless page it shows WEP disabled. On the home tab --
wireless page it has the WEP box checked. I'm assuming this is an error on
the settings tab? since I do need a WEP encrytion key to access. Is this
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If you need to enter the WEP key to access the network, the WEP is working. (Update F/W to 1.03)
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"drriff" is believed to have written in news:qyjKd.7536$ snipped-for-privacy@newsread3.news.pas.earthlink.net:
Thanks, the router comes with Firmware Version: 1.05b14 (Tues, 20 July 2004) Why would I need to downgrade?
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