Linksys WRT54GC Save Settings Issue Port Forwarding Enabling

Does anyone happened to have a "WRT54GC" that is running through the same problems I'm having? Just to let all to know, I did update the firmware prior to doing this.

Alright, here's my issue(s) I just happened to replace my old linksys router, for this router. So when I go through my "Applications & Gaming" : "Port Range Forwarding", I'll begin by typing and selecting all the service, port, Protocol, IP, and I would Click "Save Settings".

All has gone well, it saved the settings as is. Now for the harsh part, I begin to check what I currently want to enable and save its settings, I am only able to come across saving 4 applications, anything after that it wouldn't let me save. Saving as in, when I check the 5th or 6th application, and go ahead and click "Save settings" the browser and its status bar all of a sudden only go up to about "20-40%" then it eithers gets an "Action Canceled" or "Timeout" or it goes back to popping up asking the router's password, but if it asked that and I type in the password, it just goes back to what I had previously saved. I've tried this on different browsers already also(IE, Mozilla Suite, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape) , and different client computer, wired and wireless. I also went back to resetting my router, to default and factory settings, and did everything all over again. All came out the same.

This problem is also on the "Assign Static DHCP" which is also similar, after creating the list of Clients and its IP and MAC address, and saving it, it is ok, but after trying to enable and saving it, it wouldn't save, it gets the "timeout" etc. situations.

I've done networking and never had any problems with linksys, and all of a sudden this one I run into just stumps me.

Sorry, for the long information, but hopes that is enough information for one to solve.

~Thanks Dave

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Dave Pham
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