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My SMC2435W 22mbs wireless card has been underperforming lately, with download speeds ranging from 200 kbps to 2.8 mbps on a Charter Pipeline 3 mbps connection. So I thought I'd post the settings of my wireless card. The router is a Linksys WRT54G, set to Mixed speed (I run an iPaq with WiFi) and a desired transmission rate of 11 mbps and no WEP (since it stopped connecting with WEP enabled). The notebook is running Win XP Pro on a standard home network. RWIN is set to 256960, according to TCP Optimizer. Lowering this to around 33,000 causes an even slower connection. Checking the speed at

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yields a fairly consistent upload speed of 256 kbps (as it should be) and a download speed that one second is 200 kbps and then 5-seconds later is 2.8 mbps, and then it jumps back down to 200 kbps.

4x Ack Emulation - On Antenna RX - Both Antenna TX - Antenna 1 Authentication Mode - Auto Switch Desired Basic Rate Set - 1,2,5.5, 11 Mbps Desireed BSS Type - Infrastructure Desire Channel - 1 Desired SSID - linksys Desired Supported Rate Set - 1,2,5.5,11,22 mbps Desired TX Rate - 11 ELP Support - Disabled Fragmentation Threshold - 4096 LeapEnabled - Disabled Leap User Name - tilwan Mode 4x - On Mode 4x Mixed - Off Power Mode - Continuous Access Mode RTS Threshold - 4096 Short Preamble - Off WEP Option - WEP Disabled

Does anything here look out of place?

If not, I'm thinking of getting a Linksys 802.11.g wireless card. Should that help?

Thanks! Scott

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I gave it a try...turning off the 22Mbps mode, but it slowed down even more. It looks like a better wireless card is the answer.

Thanks anyway! Scott

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Turn off the "22Mbps" mode, or PBCC. This was a non-standard method of speeding things up that varied from vendor to vendor. My SMC2435W played just fine with other 11b devices, but a new Netgear G router seemed to want to negotiate the 22Mbps speed. I could see it in Windows perfmon as an occasional blip in the "current bandwidth" that was only there for a second.

start-run-perfmon.msc + Performance Object = TCP "current bandwidth"

I did eventually buy a Netgear WG511 card.

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