Uggh 2 routers one network(1 is router 1 is access point)

I have been struggling on and off for a year to get this working properly as seen here.

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I got it working for about a month or less and then gave up. A few months later I set it up again got it working and then again it stopped working, so I gave up. I have been through this exact process a few times this year. Everything works for about two weeks and then boom my laptop will not connect to either access point or wireless router.

I have a Compaq Presario 2500(2580US) with a BroadCom 802.11 b/g wi-fi card built in. Unfortunately, I do not have any other wi fi devices to test this with.

I just reinstalled the laptop's OS, thinking maybe my wi fi connection issue is due to some junk on my system causing a conflict. That hasnt cleared up the issue.

My first and second attempt at getting this up and running the linksys router I have turned into an access point was over 500 or more from the linksys ROUTER. The access point is now closer about 250 feet away from linksys ROUTER and Im still having the same unable to connect issues.

ATM when I type in (the address of the access point) or try to ping it I am unable to connect in browser or ping it. Yet the PC that is hard wired from that access point is still connected to the network and I can surf the net with it?

Well i appreciate any comments or suggestions!

Thanks, Chaser

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Hi Chaser. I had an almost identical problem this past weekend (I like to call it my Christmas "surprise"). It would work, then not, then work. I'd set everything and boom on the next reset even the SSID was gone.

What I did wound up being pretty involved but I have two thoughts:

It could be your access point (since you can't ping it) has DHCP set up and your laptop has a static ip set out of it's range. I thought I had that problem because of a constant "acquiring address" state even though I knew damn well the access point expected a static IP which the laptop had.


It turned out to be XP SP2 and it's stupid, stupid Pavlov like insistence on the built in firewall. For some reason it hates the MICROSOFT wireless card in the laptop. Even tho the firewall was off, I had to go into the advanced settings and turn everything on manually to get it to work correctly. Status > Properties > Advanced > Settings and ticked everything but for remote assistance. It may be a laptop kind of thing because I didn't have to do that at all when I installed SP2 on the XP box I use as a server. Now I'm all fat and happy - I'm posting this via the laptop in question even numerous restart cycles and a trip to my mother-in-laws house to fix her network.

So I'd try something like that - couldn't find anything about it in the knowledge base at MS, btw.


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Thanks Max!

I assume when you speak of Status -- properties -- advance you are speaking of Windows Firewall?

Weird thing when i go to control panel, windows firewall and click, I get the following two messages, "Windows Firewall settings cannot be displayed because the associated service is not running. Do you want to startt he Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing(ICS) service?" YES or NO

I choose YES and then receive the following message, "Windows cannot start the Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing(ICS) service."

Hmm....any suggestions?

Thanks, Chaser

identical problem this past weekend (I like

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If you go into you administrative tools > services you can find out more about the service. Services can be set to disabled, manual or automatic. Some services require a reboot. "Internet connection sharing/firewall" is probably not the issue. You simply want to connect to the network, not use the laptop as a shared connection.

Your wireless card (this is from my Belkin experiences) may require it's own software to detect and attach itself to a network.

You can try several options at this point. If the card has software, install it and let it detect the network. You could be too far away from the access point (try putting the thing right next to the AP and see what happens). You could try net stumbler ( and see if the card even sees the network. Try another card.

Hope this helps somewhat.

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