Signal strength of PC wi-fi antenna at router

In a normal house setup the wi-fi router acts as the access point and the antenna on the laptop or desktop picks up the access point.

If I sit at the laptop or PC (far from the wi-fi router) I can use an app on the phone to pick up the signal strength of that wi-fi router access point.

But how do I pick up the signal the other way around?

If I sit at the router (far from the laptop or desktop) when I open the app to tell me signal strength, it only tells me the signal strength of the wi-fi access point.

It doesn't tell me the signal strength arriving at the router which came out of the antenna on the laptop or desktop (far away).

How do I measure THAT signal strength?

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At the router. Sometimes the router can display such information in it's GUI, depending on the router. AVM Fritz!Box routers can.


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Maarten Carels

On Jun 11, 2021 at 10:30:25 GMT+2, "Maarten Carels" wrote: [...]

Something like this: Wi-Fi properties (5 GHz) Signal strength -67dBm Max. data rate possible 1300 / 1300 Mbit/s Current throughput 1170 / 1300 Mbit/s Wi-Fi standard Wi-Fi ac / Wi-Fi 5 Frequency band 5 GHz Channel bandwidth 80 MHz Streams 3 x 3 Wi-Fi properties Encryption WPA2 Signal properties STBC, LDPC, Supports dual-band operation Quality of Service (QoS) WMM Repeater operation no


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