help turning netgear passphrase into wep code

If I could beg a favour could someone with access to a netgear device with a wep key passphrase generator tell me what wep keys are generated by the work happy

Thank-you very much

I'm trying to connect someone to a NETGEAR ME102 access point.

My other two options are

1, to insist people only buy and use netgear wireless adaptors which come with the right passphrase generators they can just enter the word happy (but don't tell you what the resulting wep key is they are generating).

2, to take the router, find and install the correct linkysys connecting software and find the right usb cable and then reset it to the default factory settings to get around the password and then use the passphrase generator to find out what wep key is being created from the word happy and then set it all up again so it works as before.

Neither of these two options fills me with joy so if someone with a netgear device could just let me know what wep key comes from the word happy I would be much obliged

many thanks

and yes stupid us for generating the wep keys with a proprietry generator instead of using a generic one and writing down the wep key somewere obvious.

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ff hath wroth:

Could you perhaps translate that into English? My guess is that you want an ASCII to WEP key generator.

The right answers are either:

  1. Don't use WEP. Use WPA which is secure.
  2. Use the Hex key instead of the ASCII key. Hex always works.

However, if you really want a WEP key generator, see: |

formatting link
Active State Perl on your Windoze box to run the program.

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