Alright, I spent my requisite 5 minuites on this NG learning netiquette so - FR114P from NetGear Router/Firewall question

Sorry I couldn't spend more time, but I was watching the news in between sporting events here and was very disturbed by kids, computers and the Internet (is that word capitalized?)

I had this nice little NetGear router that I setup to email me logs which was pretty good. It was supposed to show me attacks and what-not but it really only showed me places I visited.

But my employer made me switch to Vonage for my telecommuting purposes and that included a Linksys (they are owned by Cisco so they have to be good!) router with telephone ports and I shelved my $10 router (see NetGear above).

Well, back to the first line; I want to be able to manage my LAN/WAN better, and especially spy on my kids. I think that's the right word, spy, isn't it?

So, I read through some posts here --- typed almost a year ago --- and someone identifies the captioned hardware as a good security device (NetGear FR114P - ProSafe/Firewall/Print Server). Here is my question(s):

Will it work between my Motorola cable modem that is connected to Comcast broadband and my existing wireless Linksys (they are owned by Cisco so they have to be good, right?) router?

Forget about the Vonage piece, we are migrating to a Cisco PBX (they are owned by Cisco so they have to be good, right?) and I will get an Ethernet jack for my phone, shortly.

That is q1

And for q2

Will it let me log keystrokes too? Does it have enough power/memory?

I know, i know that if I want to do it right I should build an old PC running Linux setup as a proxy/firewall but here's the problem there: I don't know how to do that, space is quite limited, and no matter what it is going to be harder to learn and use than a $15 device on ebay.

As a general rule I don't like adding extra crap software running in memory on a PC, but I do use the XP firewall, but it's home edition, so it's probably marginally better than nothing. You know, like playing the lottery. Plus the kids are smart enough to figure out that I loaded keystroke logging software on their pc(s) and remove it. Oh yeah - it's me against them.

Alright, well I have my paper route to run, so I have to go now, but can someone suggest a good cheap easy guide to setting up a decent dumb guy enabled home security network?

Oh, and I am looking for a job. I spent 3 months taking the CCNA class (paid for my employer at the time) but I just missed the passing grade (I took it before the class was over) so I am back to .... well see above.

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Nevermind, I will call NetGear.

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the router doesn't care what's on either side of it. Your ISP may have implemented MAC filtering, and this means the MAC address may be a significant piece of the router configuration. call the ISP to determine.

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Jeff B

They *want* the MAC address of the cable modem. That is the first thing Comcast's cable connects to inside my LAN. So, that is not an issue. I can't and won't change the Surfboard, it's called, I believe.

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usually they take the MAC from the first runtime connected NIC, typically,

thereafter, inserting a router would require it to masquerade as the system's nic

just my experience

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Jeff B've heard that before.

i realize this is probably the wrong forum to post in now.

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