? Trying to determine cause of packet Loss

I hope y'all can help me out trying to narrow down the cause of my pocket loss. I get about 5-6 packets loss every few minutes with my D-Link 524 router and my Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop (using wireless mode) when pinging sites, say Yahoo. I noticed sluggish performance with connectivity. I live in a concrete hi-rise. The router is about 6 feet away from the laptop, there is nothing close to the router except the cable modem and another desktop computer. Router is away from the window or anything else causing RF interference. The sensitivity is set at 12.5% (lowest setting) for the antennae.

I am wondering if there is any way of finding out if this is a simple router issue or perhaps something with the internal antennae/wireless network card of the laptop?


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I've also got a D-Link DI 524 router, and I get something like

2-10% packet loss--even plugged in directly, and even for sites on the corporate intranet that should have 0% loss. Do you get the same problem when hardwired, or only with wireless?

This packet loss limits my throughput to about 20KB/s on a 100baseT network, which is quite annoying. I get the same behavior when using the 3.02 and 3.20 (August 18 2005) firmware.

Bottom l> I hope y'all can help me out trying to narrow down the cause of my pocket

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