Fitting a mini pci wireless to Toshiba Satellite

Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite 1400. It has a panel on the bottom that apparently can hold a wireless LAN mini pci card.

How can I tell if the laptop has a built in antenna? Will there be a seperate cable or will the necessary contacts be brought out onto the edge contacts?


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if you remove the panel on the underside of the laptop and have a look you should find a couple of cables with connectors that will plug into the mini-pci card. You may find the cables tucked away somewhere inside the enclosed area.

On my Dell I have one black cable and one white cable which attach to the Intel Pro-Wireless card.

If you don't have these cables then I suspect Tosh decided to save a little money and not fit them.

Have heard of people elsewhere on the Wireless newsgroups who in the same situation fitted their own antennae however I have no idea how successful that would be. In my view you would have to be fairly skilled in disassembling the laptop case and especially the screen as I understand that most wireless antennae are fitted to run up one side of the display screen.

-- JasonB

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