Sorry if this is a really stupid newbie question !, but here goes…


I have a desktop PC connected (via a linksys network card) over Ethernet with a wireless G Broadband router (i.e. Linksys WRT54G) in order to access the internet.

I also have a laptop connected wirelessly (via a Linksys WPC54G PCMCIA card) with the same router and internet connection.

My question, is whether I can (with my existing setup) get the two computers to share files. In particular, I would like to access the files on the desktop PC, from the laptop

If so, how do I do it ?

If not, what else do I need ?

I am grateful for any help received ! Thanks

P.S. Both machines are running Xp

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f/f george

Sure you can... you need to have both computers on the same windows "workgroup". You can check this by going through Control Panel->System->Computer Name ... then click on "Change". Make sure the bullet is on "Workgroup" and make sure the name in the field is the same on both computers (note: changing this will mean a re-start).

Now you're ready to start sharing folders. To do this right click on the folder you want to share and select "properties". Under the "sharing" tab you can choose to share the folder (with a share name).

Watch out firewall settings that might block communication, if you have one.

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Same basic setup here,,, old desktop runs 24/7 supporting the LAN. Sit in its chair about monthly for virus & win-critical-updates and that's it! Occasionally use VNC to it for updates via real wires rather than wifi for server and wifi stuff here and out there. Laptop wirelessly runs all of the desktop programs, some of the small quickies all of the time.

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