severe problems with my wireless router, help requested

hi my wireless N router has not been able to do wireless networking for days now, even though the light on the front says wireless is working. i used to be able to use a wpc300n laptop wireless adapter in my home but now i can't. how do i fix it and make it stay fixed? my wireless router is a wrt150n.

second problem: when the internet was working the wireless router refused to download anything to my wireless adapter at faster than 20 kilobytes /sec, how can i raise it to the full advertised speed?


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On Thu, 10 Jan 2008 14:50:47 -0500, Internationalboy wrote in :

  1. Turn off all security (hardware defaults).
  2. Place the wireless client about 6 feet away.
  3. See if you can connect.
  4. Restore security, preferably WPA with a strong passphrase.

Hard to say. Try it 6 feet away to see if that makes a difference. Speed decreases with distance.

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