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I have a DELL XPS with Windows XP a Motorola SB5101 SURFboard Cable Modem, and I am ashamed to say that I own an Actiontec GT704-WG DSL Modem/Router. I have connected the Ethernet cable that comes out of my Motorola Modem to the "Ethernet 1 port" on the back of my Actiontec modem/router. After I do this I am able to see my wireless connection with the same name that I had in my old apartment (I had Qwest in my old apartment). So the settings on my modem/router still hold.

The funny thing here is that I am able to see my wireless network, I am able to connect to it after typing in my key (I only had to type that key the first time only), but I am not able to browse the internet. I am able to browse to my router, but wait it gets even weirder. After doing this hardware setup, and my laptop not being able to browse to the internet I decide to turn on my Ubuntu laptop and connect to my wireless network, after it connects IT IS ABLE TO BROWSE THE INTERNET, and it is fast too! I thought that my Windows laptop had issues so I decide to bring another Windows laptop, but same thing happens it connects but it doesn't browse can't ping can't do anything. I can connect to my neighbor?s wireless network, and browse the internet so it is not my wireless card or anything. A friend has the feeling that this Actiontec modem/router will only allow one machine to connect to the internet wirelessly. So I turn off my Ubuntu laptop, and I reset the Actiontec modem/router to factory settings, I re-do the whole wireless setup, and I am still not able to browse after connecting.

I don't know if my Actiontec modem/router thinks that it should act as a DSL modem, but I want it to act as a Wireless router. Any suggestions or explanations on why I am not able to browse the internet even after connecting to my wireless network?

For what is worth I am able to connect and browse the internet using my Motorola Modem connected directly to my ethernet port in my laptop.

Thank You.

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The Actiontec will only act as router through the DSL Phone Jack. It will work simply as a switch in/out the Ethernet ports. The manual is found here;

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