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Can you guys help me by answering the following questions:

  1. Is there a difference between an ADSL wireless router and an ADSL wireless modem router?

  1. If I want to set wireless broadband up in my home, is the only bit of hardware I need a wireless router (this is what I have been told) or do I need a wireless modem router (if there is a difference)? Ideally I only want to have one box plug into my phone, what should this be?

  2. If an ADSL wireless router is all I need to get wireless broadband in my house, why do they sell ADSL wireless modem router, or does every ADSL wireless router have an internal modem?

  1. Do I actually need any kind of modem at all to connect to broadband at home?

Apologies for my ignorance.

Thank you in advance.

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"ukwizkid" hath wroth:

Probably no difference. The modem part is the built in ADSL modem.

I don't like using just one box, but if you insist, you're on the right track. What you need is a "wireless router with built in ADSL modem", or an "ADSL modem with built in wireless router".

The ADSL part is the modem. If it says ADSL, it has a DSL modem inside.

Yes. I'll assume you have ADSL service from some provider. If not, you need a subscription. The broadband service does not come out of thin air. I'm trying to decode what you mean by "connect to broadband". It takes two to tango. What's on the other end of your "broadband"?

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Jeff Liebermann

I can see three different, living, products in this field:

  1. ADSL router which is an ADSL gateway with built-in ADSL Modem ( Two in one), it might have also a 4 port Ethernet switch ( Three in one) and recently you can find a wireless Access Point also in the same device ( Four in one!), ADSL Routers come with one (Ethernet) 10/100Mps RJ-45, 8 wires port and one (Telephone) RJ-11 port at minumum!.

ADSL Router is all you need to have broadband Internet access and sharing. You hook it to your ADSL telephone line from one side and to your computer or network (Ethernet Switch) from the other side.

ADSL telephone line -------- ADSL Router ------------- Network or Computer.

  1. ADSL gateway which is stand alone unit with two Ethernet, RJ-45, 8 wires ports, it might have a 4 port Ethernet switch (Two in one) and it might have also a wireless Access Point ( Three in One).

You always need an ADSL modem with the ADSL gateway to have broadband Internet access and sharing.

ADSL telephone line ----------- ADSL Modem -----------ADSL gateway

------------- Network or Computer .

  1. ADSL modem ( it looks the same as an ADSL Router) with one (Ethernet) port, 8 wires and one (Telephone) RJ-11, I never seen an ADSL modem with 4 port switch or wireless Access Point.

An ADSL modem can be connected to a single PC or ADSL Gateway for Internet sharing.

ADSL telephone line ------------ ADSL Modem -------------Computer

It's very confusing to figure out if a device is ADSL Router or ADSL modem ........... always check the model No. and go to the vendor's web site and products to figure out which of which.

The other professional way is to login to that device using your web browser to figure out that ID.


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ukwizkid wrote:

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