Linksys WAP54GPE access point problems


I am having some problems and I hope that some people out there have experience of this model of access point and can share their experiences with me...

I have set up a number of wireless networks using a variety of equipment, mostly Netgear and D-Link and this is my first attempt with a Linksys wap54gpe, I had a few bad experiences of the Linksys equipment in the early days (a few years ago) and have kept clear, but unfortunately they were the only people that I could find that made an External Wireless Access Point.

I have a DG834 wired router into which I have one computer and a Netgear hub with PoE ports on it to power the WAP54GPE which then runs off the hub (the WAP54GPE doesnt have any other power options, only PoE).

I only have three machines running on the network, one connected by RJ45 to the router and two that are supposed to connect in through the WAP54GPE. One is an Apple Mac and one is a PC, but both have connection difficulties which made me think that the problem is the WAP54GPE. THe wired machine runs fine through everything that happens around it!

I first connected the access point up and everything ran fine for around 2-3 days, then it started dropping the signal so it would go from full strength to none and fluctuate between them, occasionally it would allow some data to be passed bringing up a website or similar.

I have updated the firmware as Linksys instructed me, no difference and if anything worse. They then replaced the unit and the replacement does exactly the same thing. I have tried unencrypted and WEP encrypted to see if it is a security issue, but it doesnt make any difference and generally wont connect with WEP enabled as it wont accept the WEP key.

Basically I am wondering if anyone has had similar experience with WAP54GPE's or otherwise - and failing that if anyone can recommend an alternative external (weatherproof) access point.

Many thanks - sorry its a bit of an epic!


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Sorry forgot to mention that i can connect to the access point through the wired lan at all times through all happenings and can see configuration pages etc.

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On 2 Aug 2006 08:27:04 -0700, "Dog" wrote in :

Sounds like interference. See possible causes and what you might be able to do about them in the wiki below.

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John Navas

Thanks for the reply - it certainly has the symptoms, but i can't see what could be causing it - the AP is mounted on an external wall and the two PCs are in seperate buildings, the whole place is very old though and it may be unscreened power cables or something - the interference checklist does mention unstable high power.

I have a feeling this is going to be one of these - just isnt going to work and we are never quite going to know why things...

Would like to try another brand of external access point just to check

- shame its =A3300 everytime i want to try one!

Again thanks for taking the time to reply


John Navas wrote:

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