Lose connection to wireless router

I have a dwa-542 wireless n card and a linksys wireless n router and its a pita sometimes. Once in a while it does this thing where I cannot get it to detect a wireless network no matter what I do, it may finally detect then not detect like 2 min later etc...or even detect with good strength then I will have no internet. Usually I have to go all the way as to not only uninstall the drivers etc...and reboot, but but also go to the trouble of rebooting the wireless router, and actually shut down the computer for about a min. Then turn it back on, then it works most of the time. This happens when I have to reset the computer with the button on the front, or other things happen like the power goes out or windows explorer decides it wants reboot itself. Is there a way to make sure that when it boots back up it is not corrupt when these things happen? This has happened even on my newer windowsxp install!

It almost seems like the wireless card has to completely power down in order for it to start working again....also wireless connection get renamed wireless connect 1 then 2 then 3 and so on every times this happens.....at least it starts working again after about a 15 minuite ordeal, but what a pita! I am using latest firmware and drivers with the latest windows updates.

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