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I have a DLINK wireless router DI-634M and a DLINK DWL-G710 wireless range extender. I can not get the extender to work with the router. It sees the router and I have an excellent signal but it will not connect. DLINK is telling me that the two are not compatable. I don't understand that. If it can see the router then the signal should be read by the extender. Both of these items are new "G" technology so they should work. Does anyone have any suggestions? DLINK is telling me to buy an older version router, I think a DI-524, and it will be compatable. I would hate to take all the work I put into the first router just start over.

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DI-634M router is a different speed, it uses 108mbps while the G710 is

54mbps. I can tell you the G710 works with the DI-524. Do you have the right adapter to be used with this router: DWL-G650M, DWL-G520M , DWL G132 to access this router. It appears that dlink does not have a range extender for the new speed. I would check to see if netgear or linksys does or follow dlink's suggestion and get di-524.


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