Netgear WGR614 v5 -- Have to manually "connect" to internet.

I have a Netgear WGR614 v5 router and Verizon DSL. I cannot connect to the internet, unless I login to the router's Smart Wizard and go into "Router Status" --> "Connection Status" and select the "Connect" button.

I have configured...

  • Idle Timeout=0
  • PPPoE

I've powered down everything (modem, router, PC's), and powered up each starting with the modem, then the router, then the PC. But still no connection. Only when I manually connect via the router's Smart Wizard utility is the internet available.

The firmware version (1.0.7_1.0.6) that was on the router when I bought it was the latest available, but I even re-loaded it when I couldn't think of anything else. This too did not make a difference.

Anyone have any ideas? Is there a config setting that I may have missed? At this point, I would even settle for a workaround. I need to set this up so that my kids can use it, and I don't want them logging into and messing with the Smart Wizard.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Basically, that's correct.

- Did you save the settings? Did you refresh the page to be sure they were saved?

- Is your browser cacheing the previous stale pages? If so, clear the browser cache, exit the browser, and start over.

- Try using all the various logins such as:

formatting link
formatting link

- Are the settings the way you left them after you power cycle the router and restart the web browser?

- What does the status page show (when it works and when it fails)?

- Are you trying to set this up via the wireless? If so, try it using a wired ethernet CAT5 cable to the LAN port. Using wireless to do the setup has given me some minor grief with other routers.

There's a small chance that the NVRAM in the router is not saving the settings. If you save the settings, power cycle, flush the browser cache, and then check the settings finding them back to the defaults, methinks you have a justifiable warranty claim. Make sure the setting are being properly saved.

That's the current version for the WGR614v5 router. Incidentally, the v6 mutation just arrived. Nothing like start over on the learning curve and bug chase every few months.

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Jeff Liebermann

It is not a matter of the router (v5) retaining the settings...I power down everything (modem, router and PC) for the evening. I power everything back up in the morning. I check my router's settings and they are correct. But, the internet is not available. No matter how long I wait.

I then have to access the router (via IP and make my way to the "Connect" button and use it. That works. But, I have to do this everytime I turn on the router for the first time. I leave it on now, but when power is lost or on those occasions when the connection is lost, again someone has to login to the router and click the button.

Granted, this is not as bad as losing the connection constently, but I don't want my kids logging in and accidently changing any of the router's settings.

Jeff Liebermann wrote:

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If you do the same power cycle cerimony, but instead of doing it overnight, you do it for perhaps a few minutes, does it have the same effect?

What does the status page show when it fails to connect in the morning? Do you have real IP addresses on the status page? Any "duplicate login" error message from Verizon? I assume you have the "idle timeout" on the WAN login page set to zero minutes.

Are you doing any web site blocking or content filtering (Block Sites menu)? If so, turn it off for a while and see if helps. Check the schedule page to see if something hasn't been accidentally set.

Are you doing the test in the morning via wired, wireless, or both? Does it fail to connect from every computer or just one?

The WGR614v5 does not have a router log page so it can't show why a disconnect ocurred or a reconnect failed. Bummer.

A good "reason" might be that you have a virus or two and the your ISP might be pulling the plug on you to protect themselves. Do you see any excessive traffic (flashing lights) when it's working? Have you called Verizon?

Does your Verizon DSL have a time limit or traffic limit that you are exceeding?

If the connection is "down" for some reason, simply generating some traffic should cause it to login to Verizon and connect. The router should initiate the connection without you punching the "connect" button. The real question is whether the router is failing to connect, or failing to try to connect. Watch the status page and see if you can determine which.

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Jeff Liebermann

It appears that jt21k shook an Etch A Sketch before scribbling:

In case you are still interested, I have found that, on occasion, mine doesn't want to automatically connect after a power cycle also. Not every time, but only when most inconvenient. I ususally just leave it on so it's available when I want it. Sounds very similar. BTW, I have the latest firmware also, same as yours.

I'm still ticked off that they won't provide for a login/password to email logs through an authenticated email system. More ISPs are requiring authentication now, and it's going to make the "send logs through email" feature worthless.

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