802.11g - Max speed in ad-hoc mode ?

Depends.. If you do ad-hoc between two g cards, it does the max speed for g.. If you go between b and g, it will only set itself for the lowest common denominator speed (in this case b at 11). I used to have one set up as one b one g and it ran at 11, changed to two g's, and now it's about 54.

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Peter Pan
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Nope, but I can see where your friend is coming from. The 802.11g specification does not include any requirement to support Ad-Hoc mode at 802.11g speeds. A company could supply a radio that only does

11Mbits/sec in ad-hoc mode and still be 802.11g compliant. I just setup several WPC54G and WMP54G PCI cards in an ad-hoc (gaming) network. Works at greater than 11Mbits/sec but I didn't bother to check how much faster.

One catch is that the WPC54GS "speed boost" technology does NOT work in Ad-Hoc mode. That's why we bought the cheaper cards.

There's no guarantee that all manufacturers will work at 802.11g speeds in ad-hoc. For example, D-Link doesn't officially support it.

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I guess you're just going to have to disclose what equipment you have and deal with the issue individually by manufacturer and product.

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Jeff Liebermann

According to a friend of mine, the fastest speed that can be attained using

802.11g equipment in Ad-hoc mode (Peer to peer) is 11Mbps.

I understand, even though `g` equipment has a theoretical max of 54 Mbps, the 802.11 standard only ever required Ad-hoc connection to be max 11 Mbps.

Can anyone confirm if this is fact ?

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