Blocking internet sharing in LAN without blocking file sharing

I am searching for a s/w to block internet sharing on some computer
I have a LAN of 40 PCs with one leased line internet connection. one of
the 40 PCs has direct internet connection and connected to LAN switch
also. Other PCs on LAN access internet via this computer. All PC has
windows XP SP2. For Internet I created one connection and another for
LAN on main computer. Other remaining computers have only one
connection that is for LAN. All PCs are accessing internet by giving IP
address of gateway and DNS servers.
Can anybody suggest me any s/w to block internet on any PC
dynamically by just disabling internet sharing for that particular
computer from main PC where Internet connection is directly connected?
I want to control internet sharing by centralized system without
blocking file and data sharing on LAN. I want to keep file and printer
sharing on while blocking internet sharing simaltanously on any PC. For
both purpose only one communcation cable should be used from the PC to
the switch that interconnects all the systems of LAN.S/w should block
only internet sharing while unblocking file sharing. I think it would
be possible to block internet sharing and unblocking file sharing from
main PC simaltanously from where internet is accessed by other PCs.If
you have any solution to this problem plese tell me.
Manish Pithwa
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Manish Pithwa
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Check out some of the linux distros... IPCOP, smoothwall, monowall etc. Google for them.
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I am constraint to use win xp. will it be possible to solve the problem by installing Linux on main PC and others with win xp ?
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