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Hello all,

I am using a 3Com DSL router+ firewall. Do I need anything else on my machines behind this fire wall other than antivrus protection?

Also My laptop travels with me and use lots of public networks (Hotels airports etc) what's the best FREE firewall out there?



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- Make sure the firewall on your router is configured correctly.

- Keep the firmware of your router up-to-date.

- Avoid working as an administrator whenever you can.

- Avoid Internet Explorer and Outlook/Outlook Express like the plague. Use Mozilla, Opera, Firefox/Thunderbird or some other software instead.

- Keep your operating system and all software on it (especially web browser, mail client and such) up-to-date, preferrably with automatic updates.

- Update your antivirus software on a daily basis, so you always have the most recent signature data.

- Disable UPnP on your systems.

If you have Windows XP running on your laptop: stick with the Windows Firewall.


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