Problem with Netgear WPN111 Wireless USB adaptor.

Any1 here having problems with the WPN111? I have 3 computers connected up to a wireless network, and they all seem to experience the same problem in that after a while, although the icon shows that they r still connected and receiving a signal, they can no longer connect to the wireless router which is a Netgear model. By this I mean they can no longer connect to the Internet, and when I do a scan, they can't see ANY wireless network, including my own. So I have to disconnect/reconnect the device, and then it works again. I am using Windows 98 on all the machines, so maybe the driver doesn't work too good with this operating system?

There is also the problem that when I use WEP, I have to manually enter a

64bit key, because it doesn't seem to work when I use a passphrase keyword. I got someone to verify this on another wireless router, and they had the same problem as well.

Any comments would be greatfully appreciated. ;)

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