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I have a Netgear wireless router that has connected to my existing lap top for ages without a problem. I tried to connect my works Dell D600 laptop the other day but I could not connect. I have tried wireless and physical connection but I never get an IP address from my router. The dell can see my network and says connected but then the connection says limited or no connectivity. I have tried Netgear support but they were rubbish! Anyone got any ideas?

I have connected to other wireless networks in the past so I don't think the laptop is faulty!

I have previously had a similar problem with another Netgear router where it would not connect to PC's using Belkin network cards, I know this was fixed by changing a setting on the router (can't remember what though and it may be something completely unrelated anyway).

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Mario Lanza
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If you can't access via Ethernet wired LAN then it's most probably the laptop config.

What was the result of the "ipconfig" command? You can also get a nice little tool from M$ for XP called "winipcfg" which will allow you to view, release and renew your IP.

More detail is required that's why you've not had an answer. OS, WiFi Card Model and Firmware, Router Model and firmware etc

Here's an idea provided to me by one of the group but note I don't use DHCP on my router however this work flawlessly for both my LAN and WiFi config ...

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