Using Linksys WRT54G as router with DHCP server

Hello, I wonder if someone can tell me if this is possible and if so, how I can do this?

I have a business network with it own DHCP server and Gateway. I have connected a Linksys WRT54G access point/router to the network. The IP addresses in the LAN are By default the router has an internal IP address of and when acting as a DHCP server hands out IP address starting with I can access outside the LAN when using it as a gateway. However, when I change it to a router and give it a static IP address I cannot access anything. What I would like it to do is hand out IP address in the same subnet ( as the other machines so I can browse our local network. Is something like this possible?


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You can do this by doing several things. I do it with a service called ZoneEdit and a piece of software by SiteDevelopers called Dynamic DNS. It is a fifteen dollar program that you can buy on the SiteDevelopers site.

Point your domain name at ZoneEdit with the DNS server information that ZoneEdit provides you. Then, point your subdomain at the current IP address of your gateway.

Next, set up a PAT translation to forward the request from the port (port 80 for WWW) on the dynamic IP address (don't use the dynamic IP address because it will change from time to time) to the private IP address that your server is on.

Finally, download and install Dynamic DNS on your server. It requires that your Windows PC have .NET Passport installed on it before it will work. On a server, you can get the server edition so it runs as a service on your PC. It will connect to ZoneEdit and give the new gateway IP address when it changes.

From there, you should be good to go.

Good luck.


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