Buffalo router?

Hi, Anyone using Buffalo router with dd-wrt firmware? How well does it work? Been using Linksys ones but am considering Buffalo(WHR-HP-G54) for another set up. TIA,

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Tony Hwang
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Tony Hwang hath wroth:

Sorta. I had to debrick one that a friend had trashed. The local Circuit City store is carrying them and are having trouble keeping them on the shelf. Judging by the traffic in the local mailing list, the only problems so far are the initial flash installation ordeal and dealing with Linux TFTP client complications. One clever person spent two days before his bloodshot eyes noticed that the IP adress defaults to instead of the usual Sigh.

The TFTP proceedure looks messy, but is really quite easy after you've done it once. See: |

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forgot to mention one important item. When it's done, and it says "hit this button to continue", don't do it. Just wait for about

5 minutes. Get some coffee or tea, keep your fingers away from the mouse button, and ignore the flashing lights on the router. After 5 mins, then hit the button. If the web page doesn't appear, cycle the power to the router.

I installed one such router recently to a customer using the stock firmware. It was to upgrade from a BEFW11S4. I had some issues with the WHR-HP-G54 marketing and some advanced features, but nothing really fatal: |

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good news is that the indoor radio range seems quite good (with an external panel antenna).

I also just bought one for a project. I'll be installing DD-WRT v23 SP2 on it shortly. Then, I cram it into an outdoor box with more CAT5 spagetti. I'll probably get a weeks experience with it before shipping it to the customer.

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Jeff Liebermann

Hi Jeff,

I wanne try the HR-HP-G54 too and I am planning ( wanting) to give it POE. All I see is the power is 100-240 volts, does that mean the transformer is build in the router? If so, then I have to make something for that. And how about the antenna can I put an external one to it? RP-SMA connector?

BTW Now I have the a Linksys WRT54GL and it is working fine but I've heard the Buffalo is more sensitive in receiving.

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