U.S. Robotics 805416 + Windows XP SP2 + WPA = problems? (Long message)

Hi, I would like to know if anybody else is experimenting a strange issue using configuration of this message Subject.

I'm setting up a wireless network with three PC: two of them are wired connected to a U.S. Robotics 139106 router and the third one is wireless connected using a U.S. Robotics 805416 PCI wireless card; all computers have Windows XP SP2 updated with latest patches; all U.S. Robotics peripherals drivers are updated with latest release available.

The problem it's on wireless connected machine and can be experimented ONLY enabling WPA encryption.

In fact, with WPA encryption enabled, during operative system boot-up, after desktop appears and while startup application (antivirus, wireless control center) are launching, system seems to freeze for about three minutes; during this period, it's impossible to use PC and wireless network it's obviously inaccessible (from the same PC). Then, suddenly, HD restart working, system startup regularly ends and all it's perfectly working.

Disabling WPA and using WEP encryption (or disabling encryption at all), all works fine, without system startup issues.

Reading on newsgroups similar messages, I though it could be an antivirus software related issue, but I removed antivirus from system and the issue remain identical... WPA = freeze.

I wrote an e-mail to U.S. Robotics to signal the strange issue, but I don't think I'll never receive an answer...

Thanks in advance,

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Are you sure that the 9106 supports WPA? From my looking on the web site, I could not see it listed. This might explain why with a miss match between the items they are not happy.



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