Belkin Pre-N Router Problem - Continued

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My problem with the Belkin Pre-N router continues. The wireless functionality now completely collapses after one day or two. Had a chat with the Belkin tech support who was clueless and who could only recommend some basic changes to the setting. The phenomenon is now accentuated. Performances on the wireless system very quickly decreases till unworkable. Router resetting is working...which is a tiny consolation. A similar problem was also reported in an article by David Haskin, published on 12/29/04 in SmallBizPipeline.

So I did my last changes to the wireless setting - most of the options OFF and 811G only. Stay tuned !

When will Belkin fix this problem? Have not seen any Firmware update yet !

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I've only had the odd issue. I had wirless go once. But no real issues since. But when ADSL does a reconnect on the modem for some reason the router doesn't recollect its dhcp address(or leaving it ten mins isn't enough!). And i find resetting the router solves this. I only really get this maybe once a week and no real issue with that.

Other than that I'm entirely satisfied with the product. I use the desktop belking pre-n card also (which is just a pci card with a slot to take card slot cards - i.e. the pre-n notebook adaptor).


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Daniel Bennett

I wonder if you have defective hardware?

Our Pre-N setups have been rock solid for 2+ months, blowing away

anything else we've used over the last several years.

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Good News Since I switch to G only, things are now working fine without any hiccup. So does that mean that B&G together does not work? I do not know. For info, the config is: Protected mode off No ACK QoS off

802.11G only Fixed channel

Hope it helps Dan

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Well they advise using protected mode if you are using b and G. No idea on the ack bit. I Do use QoS thought not sure if it benefits me or not. the rest of the settings I also use.

kind regards,


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