Panasonic internet camera BL-C30A resets

I have two cameras at house #2, which I bought new from Amazon. They will work for extended periods of time, say, several weeks, then I can't access them from my computer at house #1. I'm thinking that maybe a rain/storm caused a power interruption or maybe the power company caused one (not sure). Moreover, the cable tv co. could have dropped modem signal for a short time, which I use to access router. Anyway, either the modem, router, or cameras don't reset properly, then I can't gain access from house #1. I've heard that some users hook up timers to reset their cameras. For example, one could use a timer on cameras at house #2 turning off at 2 am and turn back on at 3 am, thus a reset. Of course, it still could be the router, which might need a reset too. Any knowledge or ideas on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Gibby

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I think you'll find that your cable company is changing the IP address at the other location. When that changes, you'll be unable to access your cameras unless you know the new IP address.

A quick and easy fix will be to use a dynamic DNS service of some kind, like DynDNS.

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Many broadband routers feature the ability to use such a service to give you an unchanging way to access your cameras, web servers, or whatever network applications you have in mind. Instead of keying in an IP address, you can specify a name with which to access your cameras.

Whenever the router notices that an IP address change has taken place, it will sign into the dynamic DNS service and update their information. The change will take some time to propagate, but in my experience this happens fairly quickly for most people.

A less quick and possibly more expensive fix would be to obtain service from your cable company that would provide you with a fixed IP address.


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************************************************************* William: Panasonic provides a unique Dynamic DNS service for the Panasonic Network Camera products called It is free to use after signing up, and I use it as well. However, even this service doesn't always provide access - based on situation described above in original message. So, I'm still left to believe that the cameras need resetting from time to time, but when you're away, it can't be done other than use a timer. All opinions on this subject are indeed welcome. Thank you, William, for your earlier reply. Gibby
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