Odd problem: 8-port Switch needed to be reset?

Hi folks-

I just recovered from the darndest thing and am hoping someone can explain it to me.

In summary, a Linksys 8-port switch needed to be power-cycled. That fixed the problem. My curiosity comes from me not knowing that there was anything in the switch prone to going into limbo and needing a reset cycle. Any comments?

My network consists of the cable modem (RCA DCM235) which was giving me normal blinks during my "service interruption" problem, so I was not surprised when I plugged my laptop into it directly and got a good connection.

After returning the cable modem output connection to its usual position on the router WAN port, I then power cycled the router and wireless access point (in my office I use a hardwired cable connection, when roaming around the house I use the wireless card, and for reasons not worth going into here I have a separate Linksys router and Belkin W.A.P.). Still no connection to my computer through my office wire connection or via wireless.

Then I noticed that the 8-port switch that plugs into the router and happens to provide the feed to the access point as well as my office ethernet cable didn't power cycle (since it's not plugged into the UPS, and I used the UPS switch to cycle the other components).

I unplugged/replugged the switch and all returned to normal.

So, what's in a switch that would fail like this? It was working fine last night.


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A switch includes inner workings to 'learn' which port should be associated with an Ethernet address and maintain routing tables to direct the traffic.

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