Opinions on LAN Expansion

I'm looking to move my LAN into another room. Normally I would run new Cat 5e up to attic and back down, but I have few open ports left in my router anyway. What I am considering is purchasing a Netgear WGPS606 Wireless Print Server with 4-port switch and placing it in this other room. Then I'll be able to connect a color deskjet to the print server and make use of the devices 4-port switch to connect the PC in that room, connect a NAS drive and to connect an external jetdirect box to serve a parallel printer.

This would fee up a couple of ports on my router and put more of my printers directly on the LAN. Looking for opinions of this setup and whether the wireless switch's capabilities are going to be up to this usage, the NAS drive, the Jetdirect print server, etc. My current router is the old 11Mbps, but this Netgear print server unit/switch will be 54Mbps. thx

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