Wireless printing with LIvebox and netgear

Hi, Currently have a problem setting up my network the equipment is as follows:

Orange (Invertel) livebox wireless router/modem - this connects to the net fine and can connect to it from any computer its IP is

I then have a Netgear WGPS606 wireless USB print server and 4 port switch which bridges a connection from the livebox and this itself works fine (I think) its IP is (The idea of this was to connect and ethernet print server to it so I can then print but also to connect to another computer via ethernet cable)

I then have a D-link ethernet print server dp-301P+ (IP which is connected to a HP Laserjet 5P printer this prints fine when connected directly to a computer/laptop via ethernet cable but I dont seem to be able to print when the D-Link is connected via ethernet cable to the netgear server.

I know this is confusing and running an ethernet cable would be a far easier situation or to buy a USB printer but neither of these are options.

Thanks for any help, all are running XP Olly

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