WTB/ADVICE Equipment for connecting printer to wireless router

I have a wireless ADSL router (Netgear DG834GTUK) and have ADSL connected to the WAN port. I have 3 laptops with wireless cards which happily connect to the wireless router.

I also have a printer (HP 4550 colour laser) with a jetdirect printer server card with 100MB LAN connection. My laptops can print directly to it when I have the printer connected directly (ethernet cable) to the router.

Problem is that I want the printer to be in a different room and the wired connection is not possible.

Can someone advise me on how I can make the printer connect to the router wirelessly.

If anyone has such a device for sale please mail me details including price.

Many Thanks in advance


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Roy Amin
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Wireless Printer Server

Cheers Shaiboy_UK

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Connect a wireless access point, via ethernet, to the print server and configure it as a bridge. Ian Boys DTE

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Ian Boys

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