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Looking for any "hobbyist" ideas for an old Linksys Wireless USB adapter, 802.11b? Any way a 4-port switch can be modified to accept this device as the WLAN source? USB to RJ45 converters? Just looking for ways to make use of a receiver that isn't being used. thx

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No, the USB adapter has to be plugged in to a "host" (computer) with the correct drivers and power source.

All searches for a USB to RJ45 (or ethernet) adapter will only give you results for an adapter that plugs into a USB port (your computer) and allows you to connect a network cable. What you're looking for is the other way around.

There are some micro-controller boards that you can load the USB drivers into and connect your USB device on the USB port and your network cable on the other port.

If you just want to play around with the USB unit, look here:

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adapter has to be plugged in to a "host" (computer) with the


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Thanks for the info. Too bad I can't get the USB Wifi Adapter recognized by my Son's PS/2!

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