No wireless networks were found in range.

I'm having some weirdness with my new Dell laptop.

First off, I'm not using any firewalls or anything of that nature.

If I try using the Dell WLAN software to manage my wireless networks it acquires an ip address and then says 'connected'. After it says it's connected to the network the windows wireless icon continues to say 'acquiring network address". Of course I can't load a website but oddly enough I can connect through my ftp program.

So I uninstalled the Dell WLAN software so as to let Windows manage my wireless networks. When I open the 'choose a wireless network' screen it always says 'no wireless networks were found in range'. This is weird because there are at least four wireless networks broadcasting in a close proximity to me and all of which are seen using the Dell WLAN sofware.

I know this might sound a bit confusing, but I'm ready to just toss the bastard in the garbage at this point. Anybody have any ideas?

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I only played with the Dell for a 2-3 weeks but found that it was occasionally necessary to clear old 'stations' from the recently used. Also if the station you wanted was second or third on the list it was occasionally necessary to move it to the top to have the dell lock on and provide connection.

Like I said I used this for a shot time and there may be other steps but these worked for me.

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What OS/SP, please? Avoids stupid assumptions.

Making some assumptions, you have (2) wireless connection managers installed on XP SP2- one from MS, one from Broadcom (labeled Dell). These run as OS services, and only one can be running at a time.

Go to MyComputer | Manage | Services and stop the Dell/Broadcom connection manager. Then start "Windows Zero Configuration" and make it "Automatic" on startup.

In my (limited) experience that manager is far more robust and reliable than the Dell/Broadcom one.

Then configure that manager: ViewWirelessNetworks ChangeAdvancedSettings WirelessNetworks tab Advanced X Access point (infrastructure) networks only O Automatically connect to non-preferred networks (un-check)

Relax & enjoy.

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