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I'm trying to figure out how to disable the Dell Wireless WLAN application and instead just use XP's built-in wireless capabilities.

I recently reinstalled XP Pro on my Dell latitude D510. After installation, Device Manager was not recognizing my internal wireless card (it didn't even appear in device list), so I downloaded from Dell the driver for it (R140747--52MB, it was--packaged with a few others, I think) and installed it. Device Manager now recognizes my "Dell Wireless 1370 WLAN Mini-PCI Card" as a network adapter and I can connect to my wireless router.

However, I don't want to be running the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility! How the heck do I disable it?? It includes a checkbox that reads "let this tool manage your wireless networks," but even when it is unchecked the program still runs. I want to quit the program permanently. I tried uninstalling it, but that left me back at the original state (device manager didn't see a wireless card), so i reinstalled it.

Before reinstalling XP I didn't have this problem--I could use the wireless adapter without Dell's utility. I imagine this is a driver issue and that I have a newer driver now than I used to (unfortunately, I don't have the previous driver).

Anyone know what to do? Is there a way to get XP to recognize and use the wireless card without Dell's extra WLAN application?



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Hi Many of these Wireless Utilities are a combo of Driver/Utility application. So, when you uninstall the utility it uninstalls the Wireless card's drivers too. Log to Dell's support, and see if they offer the drivers as a separate download. Otherwise, use these two utilities (StartUp & Process Explorer) to find out the components of the utility and try to get rid of them.

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times unchecking the entries in the StartUp loading would do it. Jack (MVP-Networking).

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Jack (MVP-Networking).

Thanks Jack,

I actually managed to disable the utility by disabling the Dell Wireless WLAN Tray Service in Computer Management-->Services.

However, one process is still running (WLTRAY.exe), so I will give your suggestions a shot. There used to be three processes, so this is progress...

Thanks for such quick advice!


Jack (MVP-Network> Hi

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