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Sorry for the multi-post, but I'd already sent it to the other group then realised someone here might also be able to help.


Hi all,

If I let Windows manage my wireless network adapter/connections, it can not see any wireless networks. The machine is an Acer TravelMate 4060.

I installed a thing called Network Stumbler and it can find heaps, then i installed the latest drivers and used the Intel PROSet/Wireless software to manage connections and it found up to 25 wireless networks, but if I revert to letting Windows manage wi-fi i can see no networks.

I've disabled Kerio and the Windows firewall in WinXP SP2.

I can connect to my home wireless network and get an IP address via DHCP, but even my home network isn't visible in the list of wireless networks using XP's standard wireless networking tool.

Any ideas why XP is behaving this way?

Thanks for any help.

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On Mon, 04 Dec 2006 20:35:03 GMT, PHATRS wrote in :

Possible driver problem. Try uninstalling all the Intel software, and then just re-installing with the option to let Windows manage the wireless.

Won't help on detecting wireless networks.

How then are you connecting?

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John Navas

Good question. When the wi-fi adapter is enabled it searches for my home access point and just connects. Out in public it does not show any evidence of trying to connect to an access point.

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