2 Different Routers, Same Lost Wireless Connection - Why?

Problem: I am trying to go wireless with my desktop but haven't yet been able to get a reliable wireless connection. I am always connected at start-up and I never lose a connection during an internet session. The problem seems to occur when I leave Explorer open and leave my computer for a while. When I return, I've lost the connection and have to reboot the machine. It's almost like something is timing out.

I have tried 2 different routers - Linksys and Netgear WGR614 v6 - and I am using a Netgear WG111 v2 wireless USB adapter. I have also tried updating the firmware for the router and the wireless adapter. Given that problem has occurred with both routers and the fact that my TIVO wireless connection appears to work flawlessly, I am inclinded to conclude that the problem lies somewhere within my desktop. Desktop is 4-year old Dell running XP with SP2. No problems and all virus definitions are current with no issues. Router and USB adapter are currently about 7 feet apart and I have excellent signal strength.

If you can't tell, I'm a frustrated newbie looking for any advice. Thank you.

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Anything in the Event logs?

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Found the Event Log, but what might I be looking for and under what log (i.e. Applications, Security, System) should I be looking for it? Thanks again.

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Check your power management settings on the device in the device manager. I've seen this problem many times.. after a period of inactivity, the wireless hardware is disabled, and the only way to reconnect is usually to do it manually, or to reboot.

That's most likely your issue. :)


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"Curious" hath wroth:

Gremlins only attack when you're not looking.

In a recent thread, one person had an identical problem. His USB wireless client would not recover gracefully from a power save condition with WPA enabled, but would recover with no encryption. The test is simple. Unplug the USB devices, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in. Try it with both WPA and no-encryption. If it doesn't recover, it's not going to recover after a power save hibernate or possibly a standby. If it fails, and you still want to use it like this, you'll need to disable some of the power savings settings. They are scattered in 3 different locations.

  1. Power save in the BIOS setup.
  2. Power options in the control panel.
  3. Advanced properties for the USB wireless device.
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Jeff Liebermann

Okay, you've isolated the problem. The solution to the problem may require a little work on your part, but if you are motivated, the payoff can be very satisfying. Long story short...get that friggin windows virus off your computer and have a better day. "Newbie"? Everyone was a newbie at one point in time.

Start here.

formatting link

It won't solve your problem tonight, but it may in a week or two.

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Any Error or warning messages arround the time that you lost connection?

Actually I favour what Luke suggested. Take a look at the power management settings or the screen saver. Got any security programs that might drop the connection after a set time to reduce the possibility of attack/

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