Wireless adapter and USB bandwidth?

Is 802.11b (11 mb/s, right?) fully utilize-able using a USB 1.1 (400 kb/s, right?) network adapter? Comparing the numbers, it seems that 11 mb will not "fit through" a 400 kb port.

Or am I missing something basic, like 802.11b rarely approaches 11 mb, in reality.

One reference I found says: "... The [Netgear] MA111 is a USB 1.1 device, so its maximum bandwidth is limited to 12Mbps. Since the device only aspires to

802.11b speeds, the MA111's wireless throughput was not constricted by the interface."

Is the USB 1.1 interface capable of fully utilizing the bandwidth of 802.11b?


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Wrong. You even cited the proper information. Your numbers here are a jumble of missing upper case verses lower case, M verses K and USB 2.0.

And you didn't believe them?

Two posts from you in the same day, with easily googled answers, and this drivel in the post?

I didn't even have to look at the sites. The summary from a Google search was enough.

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