need help with first wireless setup

I am trying to setup my first wireless connection, which is exciting for me. I need some help, suggestion, recommendations please.

My neighbor is letting me share his fiber connection, if I can setup a wireless link from his house to mine otherwise I am stuck with dial-up. We are about 150m apart. There is about 50m of cherry trees between us. I have LOS from ground level to about 1 meter off the ground under the trees and LOS over the trees from the top of my house.

He has his connection running directly into his computer, no router.

I am limited on setting up his end. It all has to be inside going through a window, no external antenna. At my house I have no limits other then price, and I have no preference if the 3 computers at my house use wire or wireless.

What would I need at his end and at my end?

Would something like this work...?

--- Wired

+++ Wireless

Computer_A --- Wireless Router +++ Repeater +++ Wireless Router --- Computer_B,Computer_C,Computer_D

Would I need a repeater?

Would using a firmware hack like something sveasoft to boost the power a little help the single make that distance?

Would something like the ez-10 from freeantennas help?

Is the netgear wgr614v2 more powerfull then the linksys wrt54g? Another neighbor about 200m away(fewer trees between us) is using the netgear wgr614v2 and I can get a strong single in one of my bedrooms but he does not want to share. Should I use netgear or linksys stuff?


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