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I am looking for some advice and greatly appreciate any anyone can provide.

I have a neighbor who is willing to share his sat internet connection with me. Yay! There is no other options available in the snowy white rural zone that I live in. There is about 200 ft of trees between myself and him, and a small seasonal brook. Here is what I think I will try: I wanted to go wireless, but those trees get in the way and cutting them is not an option. My neighbor is kind, but not kind enough to let me relandscape. I am going to run ethernet accross the treed area and brook in a small conduit and a power cord as well. At the end, because my nightbor does not want me burying ethernet in his newly landscaped lawn, I want to place a wireless bridge in a waterproof plastic box. High end tupperware should do nicely. I'll run the cables in and seal them up super-well. Then I will affix said box in a tree on the edge of his cleared property. He already has a home wireless LAN going b/g and I should be able to connect to it, right? I thought about POE, but I don't think I can afford the gear and I'm certainly not skilled enough to do some of the juryrigging I've seen online. My questions are: Do I buy a bridge, acess point, or router. What kind? Brand name suggestions would be appreciated. The device would be about 30 feet from his house and the signal does reach the spot I'm inteding to use on my laptop wireless card.

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