Multi-home wifi network setup suggestions

Hello. Here's my situation. There is one house that has a directway

satellite internet connection. There are 2 other houses that would like

to share that connection. The three houses form a triangle, about 0.75

miles apart. There is LOS between all three. What should I be looking

at as far as outdoor antennas, router/AP/bridge setups, etc. I'm

looking more for a specific configuration like: "house 1: wireless

router, omni directional, pointed at house 2" or something like that.

Also, what are some online vendors that you all have been happy with? I

guess I'm looking for someone to just run through a full setup with me.


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gifty74 wrote in news:

How's your German? Have a look here:

This should give you the full and comprehensive setup info (indeed, even more comprehensive!) you are looking for, complete with equipment details, diagrams and photos.

Clearly you will be able to achieve similar results using different kit. As an aside, although more recent devices are available, I can personally recommend the DWL-900AP+. Reliable and trouble free, and very flexible. It's coming to end-of-life, so I'm not sure it's still available in Aus.

Hope this helps

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