Need HELP! Linksys WAG54G Problem. Disconnects stops hosting very often

Hi! I have a Linksys WAG54G modem / router. Lan network is great, can't say anything bad about it, but there's a problem with the wireless network. When it gets more busy on the wireless network it disconnects, and I can't connect back. I have to reset the WAG54G modem/router. Then it works great but again for some time, and later it disconnects again. When it's disconnected it always show's me my neighbours wireless network. Any idea what's wrong? Is that possible that the modem is broken? Do you think it stops hosting because my neighbours network disturbs my modem? Why can't I connect back when it disconnects? Thanks for any help! Regards Michael

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What version of firmware are you using? I ask as I had a similar problem with the latest firmware (1.02.7) so I reverted to the firmware the unit was delivered with (1.01.6) and I now have no problems

Have you tried changing channels?

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Try puting your router in the prefered network window and uncheck the option to connect automaticalltly to non prefered networks.

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Robert Jacobs (Michal) wrote in news:

If you're using the XP O/S, then it may be seeking out other networks in your area and dropping the connection to your network. I don't think it has anything to do with the router.

Duane :)

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