need good reception to PC

A neighbour and I are talking about sharing a broadband account.
I'm looking for a PCI or preferably a USB wireless receiver for my desktop
PC that has an external antenna and/or excellent reception of low signals.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Rus Davey
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Check out Signal Seeker on Ebay. I sell them but they are a great unit. Check out my feedback. Ed
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No brand names but you can see what you are up against at:
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Whatever you do, do not believe a salesperson from CompUSA
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I did that. I bought a D-Link router to put into my friends attic , two lengths of cat-5 cable, a POE adapter (power over Ethernet) and made a corner reflector from here
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to make the antenna more directional.
On my house I put a panel (a backfire or yaggi antenna could be used here) antenna on the outside of my house and attached my computer card with a pigtail. Keep pigtail length as short as possible to avoid signal loss. Note: if the cable people can see the antenna on the outside of your house, you could be in trouble.
Total project around $200 USD.
There are other configurations to achieve a similar connection such as an Ethernet to wireless bridge mounted near the antenna on your house in a weather tight box.
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