D-Link DI-614+ router antenna connector probs

I've been looking at a friend's D-Link DI-614+ wireless router - single antenna - as he has been having intermittent probs... The wired section runs fine, it's just the wireless portion that connects but then stalls or just weirdness... I took his laptop home, and it ran fine to my wireless AP all evening.

One thing I noticed on his router was the antenna connector. I'm not sure what it is supposed to look like on the DI-614+, but his antenna has a tiny female part that I would guess connects/mates with a tiny pin on the router connector. However the pin on his router connector is more like a gold nub that I'm guessing just pushes against the female sleeve without actually going into it.

Is this correct - or was something broken off the router connecting pin ?

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Phil Schuman
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Tell "your friend" to come to this newsgroup and we can tell him where to look on the DLINK website and who to contact. It's a matter of a simple call to them. With you getting involved it doesn't help, so it's best to leave your friend to it.

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A while back, Phil Schuman said in alt.internet.wireless:

It should look more like a pin than a "nub". Sounds like an antenna problem to me...

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City Guy

it actually is a "friend" - in case you thought it was ME - I also posted a note on the Broadband Reports forum for D-Link.

What would he be looking for on the D-Link website ? a photo of the connector ? or info on getting it repaired ? and the call would be for ????

I think he was just going to go out and get a new wireless router.. since if he tried to get it repaired, he would be offline for the duration.

BTW - We have a router and a wireless AP and all 6 of our laptops run just fine - along with his -

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Phil Schuman

"Phil Schuman" hath wroth:


Sounds broken to me. The DI-614+ has a reverse SMA connector that looks something like these:

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can zoom in on the photos for a better look. The end with the pin fits into a receptacle that has a corresponding socket. If the 4 leafs of the socket are mashed, they will resemble the "nub" that you refering. If the leafs are ok, but the pin is busted on the other end, you'll get the same description. To be sure, take a digital photo and post it somewhere (not to the newsgroup).

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Jeff Liebermann

If it is not a hardware problem, I might have a solution, this sounds familiar. Does it still fade out when the pc is closer to the router?

I had a similar problem, fading in and out. Being close to the router didn't make much difference.

In my case the solution turned out to be that windows was interfering with the dlink software management of the wireless connection.

If you want to try this, I think you need to disable windows handling the connection on the client side. Right click on the dlink icon in the system tray. There should be an option. I'm not at home or I would give you the exact option--- zero or ZW or something.

It also could be just a problem of the distance to the router combined with the above. When the connection is weak, windows kicks in and tries to find a working connection, whereas the dlink software only uses the connection you designate.

Note down the config before you delete anything. When playing with this you might need to enter your wep key and encryption details.

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